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  1. You start commenting CHP officers on how cool their boots are.
  2. Early spring gets really exciting for you because the cherry trees are blossoming, and the wind blows those petals off the tree. . .
  3. You grow your hair out and buy a light green hairband to wear it in a loose ponytail.
  4. You bother to find out what the heck zoisite is, and start looking for it in jewelry stores.
  5. When you get pissed, you throw your arm out and yell "ZOI!"
  6. Suddenly your hand jestures are more delicate
  7. Chuckle when you enter an elevator
  8. Suddenly, you aren't trying to laugh like that . . .
  9. when watching the last 17 episodes of Sailor Moon R that Cartoon network put on, you close your eyes and pretend that Emerald is really Zoycite.
  10. You got excited in the beginning of that epsiode of the Doom Tree series that started off with the whirling of the cherry blossoms. . . well I hoped that Zoey was back . . .
  11. You think that Pearl Jam's cover of "Last Kiss" is about Zoycite and Malachite.
  12. There is no question: "My Only Love" is for Zoycite and Malachite.
  13. You hate Beryl for killing Zoycite.
  14. You hate Tuxedo Dork for getting Zoey in trouble.
  15. You hate Tuxedo Dork for taking Zoey's place in the Negaverse.
  16. You just hate Tuxedo Mask.
  17. Think pink roses are really romantic, and are good make-up gifts :)
  18. Register at as zoycite or a zoycite related name.
  19. You constantly cross your arms . . .oops, that's my You Like Vejita Too Much when . . .
  20. You silence all others in the room when Zoycite is on the television.
  21. you are angry because none of the Negaverse generals are ugly dolls, but Beryl gets to be one >:-C
  22. You chuckle sadistically whenever Molly is on screen.
  23. You make a Zoycite shrine
  24. . . . in your bedroom
  25. Snicker when Zoycite says "I have a victory party to attend" in "Jupiter Comes Thundering In" (you get it, I know you do . . . heheheheheh)
  26. Green rapidly becomes your favorite color.
  27. you dye your hair copper blonde and you don't comb it right out of the shower so it becomes wavy.
  28. you try to float (remember, according to Douglas Adams, the trick is to throw yourself at the ground and miss. Keep trying.)
  29. You were disappointed because Zoey was hardly in the manga!
  30. You buy anything which may have a small picture of the generals on it.
  31. Were desperate to see the episode "The Past Returns" sheerly because it had all four generals in it. Plus they had weapons.
  32. You just know that the silver crystal brought them back, and they're all just waiting to make their return . . . oh yes they will! Zoey will have her ultimate revenge! Crystal Tokyo look out!
  33. You're laughing because you've done some of these things.
  34. . . . most of these
  35. . . . all of these
  36. all these and more . . .
  37. You scour every fanfic library you can for fanfics of Zoey and Mal(/Kunz).
  38. You write fanfic about Zoey . . .
  39. You've become really apt at over-analyzing Sailor Moon (hence my whole website . . .)
  40. You are wary of men in black tuxedoes, particualarly if they have black hair.
  41. You can think of more things than I can!!

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