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Just because you're evil doesn't mean that you don't have heart! All Zoey fans know what a fuzzy little cuddlebear Zoycite is when you break past that "incarnation of pure evil" facade.

tiny zoi,1K Um . . . no.

That's just what you say in public, but what if we showed them your . . . Diary?

little zoi, 1kNO! Give it baaack! *swipes* Gimme! I wan't it baaack! Maaal! Help me!

little malichite,1kZoycite! You're whining-er, I mean you look troubled. What's the matter?

She stole my diary!

That's not aaaalll . . . Here's a shoebox full of pics of you and yo' man, and I wrote an expose all about your soft side. HaHa.

little zoi, 1kYou-y-you monster! You're evil! How did you get this stuff?


Ahem . . . Where would you like to go?
Zoycite's Diary Somwhere between fanfic and information . . . read an episode list from a Zoycite point of view. (Sorry, DiC version.)
The SHoe Box See some screen snaps of Zoey and her Lord Malachite, plus a special feature (*cough* too much time on hands *cough*)
the Shocking Expose! My thoughts on Zoycite's and Malachite's relationship.