Well, I'm not exactly a car expert...yet, and this is all I could find. I ungraciously and rather cruelly copied and pasted this off someone's Ferrari page. But don't worry, once I translate all this car gunkus, I'll spell it out for you fellow laymen!

Ferarri TR512 Testarossa 


The Testa Rossa - 1984


Cylinders and Arrangement 12 in 180 V 
Bore and Stroke 82 x 78 mm 
Unitary and Total Capacity 411.92 / 4,943.04 cc 
Position Rear Central 
Cylinder Block and Head Light Alloy 
Compression Ratio 9.2:1 
Maximum Power Output 390 BHP at 6,300 RPM
78 BHP/Litre 
Timing Gear 4 valves per Cylinder, 2 Overhead Camshafts 
Fuel Feed Double Bosch K-Jetronic 
Ignition Marelli Microplex Electronic 


Clutch Borg & Beck Dry, Twin-Plate 
Gearbox 5 Speeds + Reverse 
Differential ZF Self-Locking 


Type Tubular 
Front Suspension Independent, Transverse Quadrilaterals, Coil Springs, Coaxial Koni Dampers 
Rear Suspension Independent, Transverse Quadrilaterals, Double Coil Springs, Coaxial Double Koni Dampers 
Brakes Ventilated Discs, Servo Assist 
Steering Rack and Pinion 
Fuel Tank 115 Litres 
Cooling System 2 Rear Radiators 

Length 4,485 mm 
Width 1,976 mm 
Height 1,130 mm 
Wheelbase 2,550 mm 
Front and Rear Track 1,518 mm / 1,660 mm 
Tyres Front: Michelin 240/45 VR 415 TRX 
Rear: Michelin 280/45 VR 415 TRX 
Weight 1,506 Kg. 


Top Speed 290 km/h 

Well, all I can say is Huh? Sounds impressive, but what does it mean? I'll tell you in about a week or so.