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Dear Diary . . .

Dear Diary,
It's not fair! I should have taken Jedite's place, not that pompous moron Nephlyte. I don't know where Beryl gets all her ideas. She should stop talking to that lava lamp. This whole operation would be a lot better if I was in charge. Today, Nephlyte got some energy from some tennis player. Big deal. It's not fair!

Dear Diary,
Nephlyte is dumb! He tried to steal energy from some little kid who makes these stupid DOLLS of all things. Why dolls? I say we make like Godzilla and head straight for the nuclear power plant, but do they listen? No. Well, at least Beryl is getting tired of him. He is always in that house of his. And why does HE get a company car? He can teleport just like the rest of us. It's not fair!

Dear Diary,
Well, Nephlyte had some fun with the elevator shaft today. That sounds like such fun! Why doesn't Beryl ever let ME out? Well, it didn't work, because Nephlyte was too stupid to seal off the elevator. Plus, he dressed up as Tuxedo Mask! Oh, that was hilarious! He didn't look a thing like him, but he got a lot of energy from some girl that has a crush on him. He failed, but he didn't get in trouble but I did! That is so not fair! I really hate Nephlyte. I hope Beryl puts him on ice.

Dear Diary,
Well, Nephlyte almost did something right for once. I was amazed! He trained the Gemini Warriors to use the same attacks as the Sailor Scouts. He didn't train them well enough because those little girls beat them! Beryl is going to be so angry that she lost those powerful warriors! I just loved the look of surprise on Nephlyte's face when they bit the dust. That's what you get from stealing energy from a student of animation. How dumb is that! Nephlyte is a loser!

What lies ahead in the pages of Zoycite's diary? Stay tuned as I get the motivation to type it.