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Oh the Fun, when does it START?!

Okay, what's more fun than a round of mutilation, terror or insanity with Zoycite? I thought so. well, have fun with this anyway . . .

Dethrone Beryl! Join the Revolution.
Insult Neffy! Usually Zoycite's insults to the Ferrari-owning one are less than colorful. We put a couple shots of tequila in her and sat her in front of a dictionary. Let's see what happens when Nephlyte walks in!!
Smack a Scout! Well, when Zoey and I work out the Java bugs on this one, we can have some messy, violent fun!
YWTMZWY! My attempt at "You watch too much ____ when . . ."
LInkZ I figured everyone needs an escape route, so here are some other grrreat Negapages.
This section will grow as I bother to upload more stuff, so we can have an Image Archive and a fanfiction page.