An interview with a general . . .

Well, as a preliminary ice-breaker, we sent out this questionaire for Zoycite to answer, so we'll put up the responses before we get into the actual interview:

Name: Zoey
Sex: Oh God YES!
Age: 23 and swingin'!
Please give your opinion on:

Sailor Moon: Terminally annoying! Although I give her credit for working in those awful boots. They chafe like mad.
Sailor Mercury: I found the expression on her face when her little boyfriend turned into a monster just priceless. I must do that more often.
Sailor Mars: Oh, she is a slut. And she honestly thought that she could take me down. At least that fire cleared away all the rats *shudder*
Sailor Jupiter: Don't get me started on HER. Things would have gone a lot smoother if she had just stayed under the rock from whence she came!
Sailor Venus: SHE HURT MALICHITE'S HANDS! You don't understand how good it is for me when those are in perfect condition! OH, she will PAY!
Rini: Um . . . glad I never met her?
Tuxedo Mask: DIE DIE DIE!!!!
Luna: Sssschhhmack! I like cats they taste good.
Artemis: I'll beat Sailor Venus to death with this one. HAhahahaha!

(ZS) So, now that we've got the boring questions out of the way, lets go for some more in depth conversation. Now Zoycite, what exactly were you thinking when you had Nephlyte killed?

Zoycite: I wouldn't say I had him killed. He was perfectly capable of defeating those minions himself, but he let his guard down. It was his fault.

(ZS) What about his as you say, "girl friend"?

Zoycite: Let's not talk about her. We're here to talk about ME.

(ZS) Tell us about the rat incident, then.

Zoycite: The things I dO for the Negaverse! First I crawled in that disgusting sewer (never smelt anything so disgusting in my life, with the possible exception of Cape Boy) Well, anyway, I thought that I had the cat, but it turns out I had made my way to a wall of rats! I thought I was going to throw up right there, but luckily enough I was also so startled that I turned my tail and proceeded to chase after the cat at breakneck speed. I almost caught up to the cat, and then, the rats . . . they surrounded me. I was caught up in them, and then the whole mass of us, me and the rats that is, made it out into the sun. I still went after the cat as best I could. Sailor Mars did me a little favor by clearing off the vile things, and then gave me some histrionics about disrupting love, blah blah blah, and yadda yadda yadda, Cape Boy got the seventh crystal. I was especially angry that they de-transformed Akan. He was pretty nifty. Mal and I always wanted to have a cat together. *Sigh*

(ZS)So, what about Lord Malachite and you?

Zoycite: Did you ever see "When Harry Met Sally?"

(ZS) Yes. So?

Zoycite: Well, it was something like that, only there was an incident involving some monsters, shaving cream, a duck, and a very very upset Nephlyte.

(ZS) I won't ask about the ducks, but why was Nephlyte so angry?

Zoycite: They were his ducks.

(ZS) Oh, I should have figured as such. Now tell me, isn't a bit scandalous for a student to be involved with their teacher? How do you two deal with that?

Zoycite: Well, I see nothing scandalous about it. I'm still learning *plenty* of things.

(ZS) Say no more.

Zoycite: Oh! Look at the time. Places to go, people to kill. HAhahahaha!

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