Jedite suffers from good ol' first-born syndrome. No matter how hard he works to please his 'parent'--Queen Beryl, he can't please her. What's worse, those who come after him get away with MUCH worse than he could have never hoped to accomplish. Jedite, unlike any other general, shows genuine obedience and respect to Beryl and is a truely loyal minion. Brownoser. His job is to simply steal energy from the hapless inhabitants of Tokyo, and he usually does so by taking on one profession or another and using a MoTD (fyi "youma" in the orig). His schemes were usually overly-elaborate and involved gathering large amounts of people in one area then draining the energy from them. His meddling led to the awakening of Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury and Sailor Mars. After failing Beryl too many times, he challenged the Sailors to a battle at the airport, where he tried to squish them with jumbo jets. They missed. He got squished, but survived, knowing the identities of the three sailor soldiers. . . but was literally put on ice by Q.B. before he could give her the news. Jedite had the least character developement in the anime, and this combined with the fact that he isn't "really" dead makes him an easy target for revival in fanfiction. *cheers*

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