llalalalalalalalalalala filllinng spaaaace Jadeite strikes me as the guy who was a big college prankster. I suppose that comes with the territory when your specialties involve the power of illusion and telekenesis. Jadeite uses his mastery of illusion to disguise himself as many ordinary folk inorder to place himself close yet inconspicuous to his victims. He also uses this power on a grrand scale when he issues a challenge to Sailor Moon. Jeddy had a problem: he had to challenge her, but he didn't know who or where she was, so he projected himself over the entire city of Tokyo and just claimed that if Sailor Moon didn't show up at the airport, wherever she was, the entire city would be set ablaze! He did a cool dragonish thing then, and spat out a 'fireball' and the city appeared to spark up like Bob Dole's birthday cake! Well, everyone else also heard the challenge, but just because Jeddy doesn't understand the meaning of the word "subtlty" we'll forgive him.

Now, what does Jadeite do to cause damage? Well, after studying with Yoda for a while he perfected using the Force, but was called to the Dark Side...okay, he can use telekenesis, which basically means he can manipulate objects without touching them, or he can control vast amounts of unseen energy. This is first seen when he fights Sailor Moon on the rooftop of the radio station. He simply extends his hand to an incoming Miss Moon, and she goes SMACK! into a wall of invisible energy. But the most impressive and famous act of telekenesis came at the airport battle: he used his power to control the 'sleeping' airplanes in the hangars, and they all chased after Mercury, Mars, and Moon. Heh heh.

I think this is sort of an unsaid power for a lot of characters on Sailor Moon, but Jadeite seems to use his undeniable sex appeal to his advantage: he is a big flirt. He even(well, especially) flirts with his youma! Eeeew! But he managed to charm whatever flock of ladies which happened to be nearby, which of course included Serena and Molly.
On a side note, Jadeite teleports in an odd way: he opens a small black hole, then sucks himself through. It's very Warner Brothers. Great, now I've got the "Animaniacs" theme song stuck in my head. Thanks Jeddy.