Lucky for us, we happened to find the winsome blonde--

Found nothing! Stalked! Staalkerrrrr!

Hey! You stay out of this! Sorry, just a bit of technical difficulties, just a little glitch that's all... Well, we have an interview with the first general, so ha.

ZS: So, Jadeite,
Jadeite: Please, call me Jed.
ZS: Okay, JED, the big question: what have you been doing since you inevitably escaped your err crystalis prison?
Jed: Oh, a little of this, a little of that. I took up surfing. I have to leave soon, because the tide is coming up and it's a really great swell...
ZS: Really? You surf Santa Cruz?
Jed: Um, weren't we going to talk about villainy and whatnot? But yes, I've surfed there a few times. I started a surf school. Those mindless morons put so much energy into trying to stand up on those worthless foam boards! Mwuhahahaha!
ZS: So its YOU who started that whole thing. So I guess you HAVE stayed evil.
Jed: Well, I suppose, if you call it that. I call it "creative pranks for the modern world." I have to make money somehow, right?
ZS: Well, I'd assume you have no trouble getting a job, seeing as you've been a bus driver, a temple caretaker, security guard, and so on. What other "creative pranks" have you administered?
Jed: Well, my big one should be coming up in, wait what month is it? August? Well then, about four months.
ZS: You don't mean...
Jed: heheheheh.
ZS: Have you encountered any other villains since you got out?
Jed: Well, I had a rather interesting meeting with that Rubeus fellow. He seemed to have really looked up to me in the future. The four generals will be legends on the Black Moon, it looks like.
ZS: Really? How did that go?
Jed: Well, not well, actually. He had some sort of problem with me talking with those four cute sisters. Something about derailing his careful planning, or something. But I've also come across Tiger Eye and Fish Eye. Boy that was interesting. It was like seeing Nephrite and Zoisite in tye-dye. Apparently they went good. The fools.
ZS: Any trouble with the sailor team?
Jed: No, they don't recognize me when they see me. But I know who THEY are.
ZS: And you haven't exacted your revenge yet?
Jed: Errrr....
ZS: Hey! What's that on your wrist? That looks like a chain mark! Hey! It's heart shaped! You little sicko!
Jed: What? She's a FOX!
ZS: No, that's her car.
Jed: Huh? Well, it was only that one time, I swear she won't remember any of it. I'll tell you, "Venus Crystal Power, Make up!" sounds really bad mixed with vodka.
ZS: Ummm.... So what are your plans for right now?
Jed: Well, I'm just hangin' right now. But I'm going to do a little traveling on business...if you know what I mean...
ZS: Oh, well, I hope you don't end up on my doorstep.
Jed: Oh noo! Man! I'd better get moving! Surf's up!
ZS: Sayonara, Jadeite! Good luck and tell us how business goes! Stay evil!