Well, after much searching and tribulation, we finally found our pale-haired general enjoying a cup of coffee with Zoycite at a lovely little cafe.
Spoiled a perfectly good date!
No I didn't.
Yes you did.
NOONE'S asking you!
Anyway...let's see what he had to say...

Q:So, how are uh...things?
A: You're not a good interviewer, are you. Well, things were fine until you came here.
Q: So, what exactly IS your hair color??
A: it's silver.
Q: Oh, really? Okay, um, nice to have that cleared up, so what are your plans right now as a villainous minion of a Dark Force which seeks to take over the Universe?
A: Actually, I was going to get involved in day-trading.
Q: Er...isn't that more Neph's area of expertise?
A: Zoi says I look good in a Gucci Business suit.
Q: Er...okay...what about say, a city planner or some other career which deals with creating elaborate plans? Director perhaps?
A: Hmmmmmmmmmmm...sounds interesting. I may consider it. Now leave before I am forced to destroy you.
Yah! Get out of here before you're HISTORY!!!
Q: Okay! OKay! I'll leave, but that doesn't mean I won't come back at a more convient time! We'll do lunch!