We caught up with the man himself at the fabric store! You see, I was out getting orange material for my Halloween costume, and I spyed him checking out some material with a lovely starfield pattern on it, and we got to talking...

Q: So, uh, Mr. Sanjounin, right?

A: Yes, that's me.

Q: But you're also someone else...isn't that right, Nephrite?

A: What do you want?

Q: Oh not much...just to chat...So whatcha lookin at?

A: This is a fabric store. I'm looking at fabric.

Q: Okay, i'll be more specific: why are you looking at fabrics?

A: Well, it's almost Halloween. I figure that I should be something interesting for that gala halloween ball on the thirtieth.

Q: Oh. So, um, how is business going. The legit one, that is.

A: They're both legit!

Q: Alright, alright. How's the shoulder?

A: Could be better. Damn thing always cramps up, and boy do I have a scar. Why are you here?

Q: Oh, almost the same reason. Gettin' fabric for my Sailorvenus costume. I gotta party on the thirtieth.

A: Oh, you bringing booze?

Q: Um, I don't think it's that kind of party. But then who knows, all depends on who shows up, I suppose.

A: I guess. I was gonna offer you some of my stash.

Q: I don't think I could hold it down, but thanks.

A: Whatever. So I hear you code HTML...

Q: How did you know that?

A: And that would be your disk, eh? Let me see it!

Q: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH *sounds of feet clunking over the tile floor*

Well, maybe we'll get a more official interview later. That was certainly interesting. Boy I'm hungry...I've been coding for two days straight...