News to the uninformed: Zoisite is a man. She's a MAN baybee! And you know what that means? Zoisite is . . . yes, it's coming to you know. . . Zoisite is gay. *GASP!* Yah, about 90% of the folks who visit this site already know this, and I'm sure have just been looking for this to make sure that I haven't been completely brainwashed by DiC. Okay, so why do I use feminine pronouns when I talk about the same character on my webpage? Well, for starters, I've never seen a single japanese episode of Sailor Moon from any series. Okay, I've read the manga, and yes even in the english translation in which our favorite femme boy cross dresses, Zoisite is in fact a man. But I think the manga bad guys are less than developed; I just like their anime counterparts better. Back to my point. I just actually like the female version of Zoisite. She is pretty evil, in that vindictive cruel way that I like. But hey, I'm more than sure that the boy Zoi or the Zoiriginal whatever you like to call it, is probably superior to the American counterpart. I can't say much about him. But any other page on the net will refer to Zoisite as a guy. I think I'm the only one that exclusively does the DiC version. To all you anime elitists out there, I have one thing to say and one thing to say only: nyah nya nya nyyyaaaah! *raspberry*