This is a shrine to the four dark kings of the first season of Sailor Moon. Previously it focused just on my favorite, Zoisite. Not only that, it was about the North American version. Well, I've decided to change it across the board to all japanese names. Why? You ask. Some of you little faeries and sharks are saying "Dude, H------, you've never even SEEN the Japanese season" To that I say welll thbbbbb. Though I still like DiC (they brought me Inspector Gadget and the Super Mario Super Show: I love them) I just can no longer stand the dub. I started to read the manga and Zoisite became a boy in my head, and well...I just decided that a shrine to all four of 'em would be nice. For those of you who will be confused, here are the N.A. name equivalents:
Jadeite Jedite
Nephrite Nephlyte
Sanjounin(sp?) Masato Maxfield Stanton
Zoisite (M) Zoycite (F)
Kunzite Malachite
Dark Kingdom Negaverse
ginzoushou Empirium Silver Crystal
Naru Molly
Usagi Serena

I will update this table as I think of other stuff, of course, or you can e-mail me if you need something cleared up.


10/18/99: I had a three-day weekend, so I was working all Sunday and today trying to get this place up and running! I should be getting it up in pieces over the next few weeks. Stay tuned! Halloween is coming... ;) I should be a lil' more stable a week from tomorrow...

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