Freedom. Nephrite swindled, lied, cheated and just about every other evil thing in the book o' sleezbag, yet he did all this with one thing plaguing his mind: he just wanted to control his own destiny and be his own person. He detested the control Beryl had over him and how she decided his fate. This injustice tortured Nephrite, and on top of it all, he had to put up with an annoying coworker. He tried to separate himself from the Dark Kingdom, but to no avail. Its grasp was simpy inescapable.

Then there was Naru. Now this mousy little creature may not have been the prettiest or most appropriatly aged of young women, but boy did she have a crush on his alter ego. He used her as he would any other victim, but she still persisted. Her persistance paid off, and Nephrite was inclined to save her from Zoisite's trap. However this softness of heart did get him killed. But by then he had been freed: the Dark Kingdom no longer had control over him. He may not have returned Naru's feelings the way she would have wished, yet he had come to care for someone beside himself.

Thus, the death of Nephrite was bittersweet. He dissapated into a rain of sparks, much like the stars. The drifted into the night, away from the world, away from the Dark Kingdom, and at last the lonliest King would be at peace. Back