Evolution of a Star-a Nephrite Biography

Nephrite is the second of the four Generals to step forward as leader of doing Evil Stuff in Tokyo. He goes out of his way to be as different from his frozen comrade in everything he does: he takes on a permanent identity (Sanjounin(sp?) Masato), establishes himself in the community, and has a distinctly different way of collecting energy. While Jadeite would collect as many people as possible into a single area and then sap whatever energy they had, Nephrite would single out a single victim and wait for their 'peak' energy point. In order to do so, he would ask his three-dimensional star map which happened to be floating in the living room of his gothic-style mansion (in the middle of a misty wood, on top of a hill. Where else?). The stars would 'tell' him about his victim, such as their name and what they did for a living. He would then seek them out and befriend them as a sort of eccentric patron of whatever their interest may be: tennis, gardening, doll-making, ect... And when he felt that he had them in his grasp, he'd burn his terrific symbol into some item of theirs, or their forehead if he was feeling feisty.

So then this person would start acting odd: strangely obsessive and agressive. Then when they had worked themselves into a complete frenzy, Nephrite would command some youma or other to come forth and suck the sucker dry. By this time the sailor senshi figured that something was wrong (such as killer squirrels running about or giant dolls terrorizing the area) and they would interfere. This got Neffy a little bit frustrated. In an attempt to reel Sailormoon in for a kill, he dressed up as Tuxedo Mask. He of course neglected to do anything about his mane of thick brown curly hair, so he just looked like another dork in a tux. Not even Sailormoon was fooled, and well, if that doesn't say a lot...but he did manage to catch dear Naru's attention. Oh dear. Needless to say, Naru seems to make the best target for evil folk, and he took all that sappy 'love' (Crush!*cough**cough*) energy and keep himself from running into tooo much trouble from Q.B. Things went back to normal for a little bit, but not for long...

While all this had been going on, someone else was less than happy that he didn't get Jadeite's job. Since day one of Nephrite's mission, Zoisite had constantly taunted and annoyed him in an attempt to get him fired. Zoisite hated Nephrite with a passion, and as far as Nephrite was concerned, the feeling was mutual. Nephrite made two fatal mistakes. First, he took Zoisite's job, and secondly he underestimated him. Nephrite figured that he had better find the ginzoushou to please the Queen, but this had been Zoisite's assignment. Upon hearing this, Zoi goes L_I_V_E_D. Nephrite pays little attention to the effeminate King as he dissapears in a sprinkling of sakura petals...oh, little did he know...

Nephrite decides to attend a dapper little affair in honor of Princess D (the girl version of Umino, basically) in search of the crystal, only to find nothing of value. At this ball, he takes advantage of Naru and uses her as a pawn of evil, and of course she comes out of it more in love with him than ever (bleh). He then uses his spiffy new Black Crystal (sorry I don't think I can spell the japanese name for it. Get over it, besides if you already knew, why are you reading this???) to search for the ginzoushou, and it leads him to Naru. Convinced that she has it, he convinces her to rob her mother's jewelry store to find it. She comes up with a useless pearl, and time begins to grow tight for the second strongest of the four Dark Kings. In an attempt to find out the identites of the sailor senshi, he lies to Naru about turning good, then sets up a trap to find out Sailormoon's identity, which Usagi falls riiight into. He then fights Tuxedo Mask briefly, but is interrupted when he 'hears' Naru's cries for help.

Zoisite had been planning a trap! He had three youma kidnap Naru and lie in wait for Nephrite. Their orders were to kill kill kill!!! He fights them off pretty well (Zoisite had cautioned them about his fighting ability--he may be a vengeful maniac, but he's not stupid) but does not kill them. He then shares a sappy, g-rated moment in the forest with Naru before they (the youma, that is) come back and finish him off in a spectacularly emotional scene. Zoisite taunts him a final time, leaves, and Nephrite dissapates in a shower of sparkles, as if becoming one with the stars he loved so much.

Now even though I'm a Zoisite fan, and by some sort of Zoi-chan fan creedo I'm supposed to hate Nephrite, I really like him. He had style, class, and was pretty good at what he did; I'll forgive him for dressing up as Tuxedo Mask...I mean, I would want to wear that cape, too. As for Naru, well, um, some people have wierd taste in women. Hell, in DBZ Vegeta went for Bulma, and I still love him! Okay, Bulma's better than Naru, but back to BSSM! Nephrite may not have been quite as underhanded as Zoisite, powerful as Kunzite, or pretty+dumb like Jadeite, but he had a suave style and obsessive compulsive lying complex that places him into the ranks of my favorite baddies!!