After a time, it becomes obvious that the Kings were not mindless henchmen of the evil Queen Beryl. They wanted out. Nephrite punctuates this sentiment when he decides to search for the all-important ginzoushou. He believes that whomever possesses the crystal also holds its power, an assumption which all other Sailor Moon villains seem to hold. At any rate, he needs to find it if even to keep himself alive. However, unlike Zoisite, who seems to have a wish to control the Dark Kingdom himself (well, with Kunzite of course) Nephrite wants nothing more than to escape Beryl's control.

Nephrite went out of his way to be away from the Dark Kingdom at all times. First, he moved to the Earth realm and posed as a wealthy young businessman. He rarely teleported or hovered, as the other Generals were noted to do; instead he drove around in his hot red Ferrari, and he was almost always late when called by Queen Beryl.

His fascination with the stars is also something of note. Often when one feels that they need to be guided to some greater destiny, they look to the stars for answers. Nephrite was obsessed with stars: he called upon the Zodiac to help him with choosing victims and to create the Dark Star Crystal. "The stars know everything," he would often note. Nephrite was a lonely man who hated his job. More than that, he just wanted to be free.