Top 10 reasons Zoycite is "WIcked CooL"

Wow, Zoycite, You're WICKED COOL!
10 Boyfriend has glowing eyes!
9 Green eyes
8 is better at being Sailor Moon than Sailor Moon is
7 she is a cruel little monster, the way she torments Molly after offing Nephlite
6 Forget giving Tux a beating, she smacked Luna around! Who hoo!
5 Tries to kill Molly, but with THAT accent, who wouldn't?
4 Kills Nephlyte. Okay, I actually *gasp* like the guy, but this just shows what a deliciously wicked villain Zoycite is.
3 Didn't contrive moronic plans like Jedite or Malachite.
2 Coolest boots
And the Number one reason why Zoycite is "wicked cool" is . . .
1 OOooh! She can float!
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