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And when Zoycite gets upset. . . people DIE!

Zoycite is baaad. A ruthless warrior who would stop at nothing to complete the task, including tramping through rat infested sewers and even dressing up as Sailor Moon. Zoycite is a formidable foe not because of her strength, but her tenacity. Unlike Jedite or Nephlyte, Zoycite did not simply give up when it seemed that her plot was at an end. No! She stayed and fought! With these previous generals, when Tuxedo Mask shows up, they usally turn tail, but Zoycite always stuck around to fight him, while her MoTD tried to take care of the Scouts. Zoycite was the third of the Negaverse generals to take on Sailor Moon and pals, but unlike Jedite, Nephlite, or Malachite, she didn't sit around to be appointed: she clawed her way up ruthlessly.

After Queen Beryl turned Jedite into a Jedsickle, Nephlyte was appointed as commander. Interestingly enough, as soon as he makes it, there is Zoycite nipping at his heels and constantly taunting him in front of Queen Beryl. This was apparently a plan to undermine his credibility and have her take his place. During the time in which Neph served as Beryl's head bad boy, Zoycite served as Beryl's messenger, and took delight in bringing bad news to Nephlyte. She would often compare Nephlyte to Jedite, calling him a loser and a failure. It probably would have stayed at this, but Nephlyte went and made a fatal mistake. He went and pissed Zoycite off.

It was Zoycite's job to find the Imperium Silver Crystal, but Nephlyte took it upon himself to do the job in a desperate attempt to please Queen Beryl and save his nega-hide. Upon finding this out, Zoycite went LIVID. Concerned that she would be unable to prove herself as a warrior, she went to Malachite for help. He assured her that Nephlyte would fail. They sent Yasha to take care of him, but she was destroyed. Finally, Zoycite had three minions take care of Nephlyte by kidnapping Molly and force him to give up his Dark Star Crystal. At first they fail at this, but they nab him in the shoulder after he shares a sappy moment with Molly, then Zoycite taunts him one final time and leaves with the prize. After this, she was charged with finding the seven rainbow crystals in order to release the shadow warriors and create the Silver Crystal. Well, to make a long story short (read an episode guide if you want all the details), she gets four, the scouts get one, and Tuxedo Mask gets two. Then Zoycite has a little fun in the amusement park and takes Sailor Moon's crystal. She then did a little dress up shindig to trap the scouts, succeded in stabbing Tux in the back and revealing his identity, but the whole plan was spoiled when Sailor Venus decided to show up.

This was the beginning of the end *sniff* Next Zoey challenged Darien to a duel for the rainbow crystals. Beryl ALSO had a crush on Tux and wanted him for her own vices, and thus ordered Zoycite NOT to harm him. But Darien pissed her off by cutting her face, so she tossed a harmless fireball at him, and then WhoopS! Where did that ice crysstal come from? It sorta did some damage, causing Sailor Moon to cry (Sailor Moon? Cry? What a concept) and it brought all seven of the crystals (being held by noneother than Malachite) to form into the Silver Crystal. So, as you can see, Zoycite actually fufilled her mission: collect all seven crystals (check!); find imperium silver crystal (check!) but Malachite was too stupid not to do the nifty teleportation trick on the Crescent Moon Wand as WELL as Tuxedo Mask, and well, despite his pleadings, Beryl toasted Zoycite for insubordination and she died in Malachite's arms. WAAAAAAAAH!

So, what will be your first Lesson?

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