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I'm not a Queen Beryl fan. No, not because she is mean and broke up the Silver Millenium and what not, she is just an IDIOT!!! She obviously has not read top 101 things an evil overlord should not do. For one thing, don't have a crush on the enemy! Another: don't kill off your own minions! They may fail you, but in the game of global domination every pawn has its place! Thirdly, if she had just let Tuxedo Mask die like he ought, and given Zoey a raise instead of blasting her into oblivion, Rini would have never come along! Surely, the worst crime of all. Finally, get a manicure! Those nails are SO five minutes ago. Obviously, she is not fit to rule the Negaverse. All those in favor of mutiny, sign the guestbook below and steal a negawebgraphic to put on your page.

Item 1: Jeddy on Ice. Why did he have to go, Beryl? Why?

  • Item 2: Roasted Zoey. S/He was only doing her job. Was it really necessary?

    Item 3: Flamingo head. Why didn't you let Tux die? Couldn't you see the error of you ways?

    Item 4: Was lamer than Jedite, yet you still let him off without punishment. Why? Because you were lusting after him, you shortsighted little twerp! World domination first, sexual gratification LATER!

    Item 5: At least a darker shade, Beryl. Puh-leaase.

    See? Don't you see? I sure do.

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