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The Many Powers of Zoycite

Zoycite has a myriad of powers.
first is the ever-popular and ambiguous "ZOI!" Zoycite will simply shout this while blowing a stream of petals or an invisible force at someone, causing them to A) become distracted or 2) fall over. There was a powered-up version of this which threw a force of Dark Energy at Princess Serenity, but she wasn't affected by it. It would have kicked ass if she wasn't the princess at the time! I swear, man!

Then, there is my personal favorite: FirE!! Zoycite surrounded Rita and Andrew with a wall of flame when she went after Rita's rainbow crystal. In the same episode, she shot big blue balls of flame at Tuxedo Mask. When trying to get rid of Tuxedo Mask once and for all (and who wouldn't?) Zoey tossed a ribbon of flame down the elevator shaft. It caused a big pretty explosion :)

Zoycite can also make pretty crystals to cut ropes, throw at people, or stab Tuxedo Mask!! Zoycite had a lot of fun with this big dagger she made in the episode "Sailor V Makes the Scene." She slashed everything in sight in a mad frenzy to find and kill Cape Boy. Vandalism and attempted homicide *siiigh*

Similar to the crystal power, Zoycite can make things freeze and make ice crystals. She tried to kill Sailor Moon with one, but got Tux instead (okay, they make it sound like she AIMED for Tuxedo Mask, but the editing was so bad you could tell. Makes Zoey's death so much more tragic that way, you know?) and because of that, Princess Serenity awakened, got the crystal, and that did it for our esteemed evil one. *Sniff*

Zoycite floats a lot more than any of the other generals, and her teleport is more often than not heralded by a stream of cherry blossom petals in which she materializes or disappears.
The black crystal has different powers: will display the image of a crystal carrier, remove the rainbow crystal from the carrier, or turn various people into minions of evil. Sometimes the powers of the crystal are accompanied with Zoycite shouting "ZOI!"